Aisu 50ml (made by ZAP)

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AISU £12.50 each 50ml bottle or buy 2 50ml bottles for £20.00 (offer will be added at checkout) Aloe Vera - 50ml Shortfill Aloe Vera - 50ml The aloe vera...
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£12.50 each 50ml bottle or buy 2 50ml bottles for £20.00
(offer will be added at checkout)
Aloe Vera - 50ml Shortfill

Aloe Vera - 50ml

The aloe vera has an authentic floral taste which is combined with undertones of sweetness on inhale, whilst the menthol notes on exhale create a cooling sensation that lingers after each exhale.

Blue Raspberry - 50ml

The blue raspberry flavour creates a sugary inhale, with a juicy aftertaste, which when combined with menthol/ice notes culminates to a taste similar to a blue slush drink

Dragon Fruit - 50ml 

Dragon Fruit is a vibrant blend, featuring a sweet dragon fruit flavour on inhale which has a slightly sour aftertaste, followed by icy notes of menthol for a cooling sensation with every inhale and exhale alike.

Green Apple - 50ml 

Green Apple has a strong fruit aroma that's replicated in its taste. Crisp notes of slightly tart, apple flavour characterise the inhale, which plays well with the menthol exhale that creates a cooling sensation that lingers after every vape.

Pink Guava - 50ml

Pink Guava is a delicate blend, infused with ice. On inhale, you'll detect a pink guava flavour, which is predominantly sweet, but borders on the tart side. The addition of menthol on exhale, creates a layered taste with a smooth texture.

Mango - 50ml 

Mango is a fusion of tropical fruits with an icy twist. On inhale, a sweet mango flavour develops to create a ripe aftertaste, combined with cool menthol notes on exhale, for a fresh and clean tasting finish.

Melon - 50ml

Melon is a well-balanced blend. On inhale, a bold melon flavour that's sweet and has a sour edge to it develops to create a juicy aftertaste. This is combined with menthol notes, for a cooling exhale that adds depth.

Blackcurrant - 50ml 

Blackcurrant a forest fruit blend, with an icy twist. On inhale, the blackcurrant flavour is both sweet and slightly sour, mimicking the real thing, whilst a menthol flavour on exhale brings an additional sweetness for a smooth finish.

Cucumber - 50ml  

Cucumber is a fresh and clean tasting blend; on inhale, a mild cucumber flavour develops, bringing with it a floral profile that remains sweet. This is paired with cool menthol notes on exhale, for an icy afterbite.

Yogurt Strawberry & Cream - 50ml

Embrace the sweet frosty taste of freshly plucked strawberries, with a creamy yoghurt base.

Yogurt Pineapple & Coconut - 50ml

Take yourself to paradise with the vibrant taste of this summer pineapple blended with coconut undertones, it will transport you to the beach.

Yogurt Melon Milk - 50ml 

A favourite of Japan & the East.

The Sweet scent of freshly sliced melon, mixed with cool milk to give you a tantalising experience

Yogurt Peach & Apricot - 50ml 

 A heavenly flavour that is bursting with sweet and succulent nectar, followed by a creamy wave.

AISU as a 50ml shortfill with space for the 10ml salt nicotine shot which comes included for a smooth throat hit. Adding this nicotine booster shot will create 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml shortfill bottle

0mg nicotine strength
Zap! 18mg, 10ml nicotine shot included
70% VG / 30% PG
Compatible with sub ohm tanks
Made in the UK
Childproof cap
Tamper evident seal
Recyclable bottle
AISU AISU I LOVE THIS STUFF Puff Puff Puffy Lovely cold cloud of vape 
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